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The S-Class Leads the Way In Tech and Safety Innovation for the Mercedes-Benz Brand

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Tech Feature Exclusives and Firsts 

The entire Mercedes-Benz lineup is filled with the latest technological innovations and the most advanced safety equipment. Simply put, if you care about these areas when it comes to your driving experience, you really can’t go wrong with any Mercedes-Benz model. That being said, there is one vehicle that is often at the forefront of technological innovation when it comes to Mercedes-Benz production models. You could consider it a proving ground for all of the latest and greatest features the genius designers, inventors and engineers at Mercedes-Benz come up with. 

The model we are referring to is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a vehicle that knows no bounds when it comes to advancements in technology and safety, as it always has a number of tech feature exclusives, and throughout its history has accomplished a number of firsts in the areas of both technology and safety. 

A History of S-Class Production Model Firsts 

When talking about the S-Class, the discussion is often filled with phrases like, “the S-Class was the very first production model to have X” or “the S-Class featured X for the very first time in a Mercedes-Benz.” Those X’s represent Mercedes-Benz tech and safety innovations, of course. 

In fact, when the W116 line was first called the S-Class in its first generation from 1972 – 1980, it emphasized safety in a way that hadn’t been done in previous models by including a number of firsts for production vehicles like padding around the windows and on the steering wheel, as well as a system that drained rainwater away from the windshield for better visibility. Once airbags were invented, the S-Class was also the first to feature them as standard equipment. 

More recently, the S-Class was the first vehicle to use only LED lights for the interior and exterior lighting. Of course, we also can’t forget about the fact that the S-Class was used in the 1980s to create the first driverless cars, paving the way for the advancements in autonomous driving we see today. 


2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Firsts and Exclusives 

For the 2018 model year, Mercedes-Benz is continuing the trend. One of the most exciting features on any vehicle this model year is the available MAGIC BODY CONTROL®, the world’s first proactive suspension. With this system equipped, the S-Class will examine the road ahead watching for bumps and dips in the road surface. Once detected, the system will adjust the suspension as you approach them to minimize discomfort in the cabin. 

If you’re looking for something really luxurious, consider the S-Class Energizing Comfort Control®, an industry-first. You choose the atmosphere you’d like to experience in the cabin and the system will automatically adjust the climate settings, ambient lighting color, music, seat massage function, fragrance, etc. to match. 

Find out what else is new in the 2018 S-Class 

As you can see, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a leader in tech innovation, coming equipped with a number of exclusive systems and having a long history of providing drivers with industry firsts. If you’d like to learn more, contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Hilton Head or schedule your test drive through our website.