What are the features of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience Hyperscreen?

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What does the new MBUX Hyperscreen have to offer?
Luxury doesn’t just mean cushy seats and a sleek, envy-inducing exterior design. It’s also about the experience behind the wheel when it comes to the technology at your fingertips. Mercedes-Benz, being a pioneer in the luxury automotive world, is pushing the envelope once again with its Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) Hyperscreen. What does the new MBUX Hyperscreen have to offer? Keep reading and you’ll see how this exciting new feature can elevate your luxury experience.

MBUX Hyperscreen specifications
You would expect something with “Hyperscreen” in the name to be quite large, and you would be correct. This magnificent screen, which consists of several displays that appear to merge as one large screen, is over 56 inches wide, and the entire surface area measures 377 square inches. The glass which covers this display has a three-dimensional curve in order to help ensure that there is no distortion along the way. And if you are one that appreciates a more tactile response in your infotainment systems, they thought of that too; the MBUX Hyperscreen is designed to provide haptic feedback at certain points when operated.

MBUX Hyperscreen features
So, what can the MBUX Hyperscreen actually do? It’s being referred to as “the nervous system of the car.” This system truly does offer a unique experience, being able to store up to seven different driver profiles to customize the content, making it the ideal infotainment system for the family automobile. The front passenger can also have their own experience with this, and that portion of the screen simply displays a unique animated digital display, such as the Mercedes-Benz logo or pattern, if that seat is unoccupied.

The MBUX Hyperscreen uses OLED technology to provide a vivid display with high-contrast values that can be seen at any angle or with any light conditions. The system has context-sensitive awareness, using artificial intelligence to proactively display certain functions at appropriate times, such as remembering if you always make a call on your way home on a given night. The system remembers that and will suggest that call to you once it learns your routine.

The Hyperscreen also provides easy-to-use navigation, and it even provides birthday reminders as well as suggestions for a to-do list. In short, the MBUX Hyperscreen is truly next-level automotive technology, showing us that the future really is now.

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