What’s New in the Next-Generation Mercedes me connect?

January 13th, 2021 by

Mercedes me connect App to Include New, Helpful Features
The Mercedes me connect app was first introduced in 2016 to assist drivers in controlling certain vehicle settings from virtually anywhere. Now, the application has received a major update, with a variety of new features that are sure to make Mercedes drivers lives easier.

What Features are Available on the Mercedes me connect App?
When the Mercedes me connect app was first introduced, it had limited features that allowed drivers to control the settings on their Mercedes vehicle. Now, there are many more features, and the vehicle can be connected to the app without having to visit the dealership. The new features available on Mercedes me connect include:

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Remote Access: Connect to your Mercedes from almost anywhere.
Remote Control: Remote start, lock, or unlock your vehicle.
Virtual Garage: Remove vehicles from your account.
Real-Time Status: See if your vehicle is running, locked, if the windows are down, and more.
Service Reminders: Get a reminder for when your Mercedes is due for a service.
Local Support: Reach out or find a Mercedes-Benz dealership when issues arise.
Plan Your Drive: Locate a destination and send the map directly to your Mercedes.
Control Your Profile: Keep all your vehicle information up to date here.
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Which Mercedes Vehicles are Equipped for Mercedes me connect?
The Mercedes me connect app was designed to work with Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG®, and Mercedes-Maybach vehicles. Mercedes me connect is available in app stores now, but it is only compatible with models that are 2019 and newer. Mercedes drivers should be able to download the app and connect their vehicle to their device without leaving home.

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Additional Information on Mercedes me connect
If you have any questions regarding the Mercedes me connect app, feel free to reach out to staff here at Mercedes-Benz of Hilton Head in Bluffton, SC. We would be happy to assist you.

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