Parking Options Might Be Slim During a Hurricane, But Here Is How You Can Protect Your Vehicle

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Where to Park Your Car During a Hurricane
The severity of a hurricane can vary from storm to storm, with some residents in the pathway of a hurricane choosing to ride it out and others choosing to evacuate. If there is no evacuation order in your area during a hurricane, and you do choose to ride it out, it’s important to ensure that both you and your possessions are safe. One of those important possessions is your car, and if you don’t have a garage or somewhere else to put your vehicle to ride out the storm, it does raise the question of where you should park it.

Of course, you could park it on the street or an open parking lot if that is available, but that really doesn’t do much to protect it from flooding. So, if you want to give your car the best chance for survival, here are some parking options during a hurricane:

A covered parking garage
Any available parking area situated on higher ground
Wherever you park, stay away from trees or power lines
As you can see, places to safely park your car to give it the best chance when a hurricane hits are limited, especially since it’s important that you park legally so that emergency vehicles can get through. But what you can do is check with your local government or news outlets, as they may be aware of organizations or businesses that are opening up parking areas in your area to help people find a safe space for their vehicle during the storm.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Hurricane
Regardless of where you find a place to park prior to a hurricane hitting, it’s important to prepare your vehicle for the storm. Here are some things to do to help protect your vehicle:

Make sure the windows and doors are closed and locked.
For extra protection, you can cover the window with tape (nothing too strong that might damage the paint or interior, though).
Remove important documents like the registration or insurance info and keep them with you.
Keep the gas tank full just in case gas stations are out of commission after the storm.
If appropriate, cover your car with a cover or tarp to protect from debris.
We certainly hope your car doesn’t receive any damage, but there is always the chance that it does. If that happens, you’ll need to work with your insurance company, so here are a couple things you should do to prepare for that situation:

Take photos of your vehicle before the storm hits so you can compare it to any damages the car receives.
As we mentioned above, take your insurance cards and keep them somewhere safe rather than in your vehicle, just in case the vehicle isn’t accessible after the storm.
There are many ways to prepare for a hurricane, and as you can see, preparing your car is important. As always, safety is the priority, so stay safe out there and check back to the Mercedes-Benz of Hilton Head blog for more automotive tips.

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